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Jayaditya and Vamana wrote the commentary named Kasika CE, to elucidate the meaning of the sutras. The whole Matrika alphabet is abbreviated here. This abbreviation is called Pratyahara. Vedic Sanskrit is an Old Indo-Aryan language. It is an archaic form of Sanskrit, an early descendant of Proto-Indo-Iranian.

It is closely related to Avestan, the oldest preserved Iranian language. Vedic Sanskrit is the oldest attested language of the Indo-Iranian branch of the Indo-European family. Vedic Sanskrit is the language of the Vedas, texts compiled over the period of early-to-mid 2nd to mid 1st millennium BC. Vedic Sanskrit has been orally preserved as a part of the Srauta tradition of Vedic chanting, predating the advent of alphabetic writing in India by several centuries.

For lack of both epigraphic evidence and an unbroken manuscript tradition, Vedic Sanskrit can be considered a reconstructed language.

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Recovering its original form is a matter of linguistic reconstruction. Literary production saw a late bloom in the 11th century before declining after AD. Given its extensive use in religious literature, primarily in Hinduism, and the fact that most modern Indian languages have been directly derived from or strongly influenced by Sanskrit, the language and its literature is of great importance in Indian culture akin to that of Greek and Latin in European culture. It is also used to romanize Pa? The script is, however, insufficient to represent both Sanskrit and Pa?

Here it is better to follow Unicode and ISO , which is in any case a more comprehensive scheme. It allows a lossless transliteration of Devanagari and other Indic scripts, such as Sarada script ; and, as such, it represents not only the phonemes of Sanskrit, but allows essentially phonetic transcription.

Recipient of many medals and honours, He is at once a Physician, an astrophysicist and an applied mathematician. He is an author who has numerous publications, both technical and educational. Ancient Indian history, geology and archaeology also attracted his attention. Besides Medicinal Science, he is keenly interested in ancient Indian philosophy. Rupnathji is more than a scientist. He is a physicist-philosopher as well versed in Sanskrit, English Hindi and Bengali literature as in physics. University Professor Language Specialist Dr.

Anomymous - I am happy that you took out time to research first and didnt fall for the scam. I wud have fallen for the scam, just that I didnt have a credit card. So one day, I curiously googles her and found out tht she was a fake. I then had to let the worls know through this medium.

No diffrent dates. But the date that she gave me was oddly familiar Theres no way they can be automated messages I'm guessing, no. Yes the year that she mentioned to me was 97 , The age was around 17 , The same thing for me but honestly 17 or 18 are one of the most important ages of life when we're transitioning from being teenagers to young woman and men so of course something important is going to happen. HUH - thanks for your response and the fact that you are taking out time to also educate others. I ignore the request! And she is asking her fee for doing her job.. Anonymous - I don't not think she is a genuine astrologer, cos she sends the same word for word astrology mails to all her clients.

All here reading for different people are the same. I think she is a fraud not a professional. Ok Guys, May be she is a scam maybe she aint i aint sure my self i subscribed to her back in around october something like tht and talked about the transit too and gave me dates but so far things that she said would happen are actually happening but not on the dates she gave me and i have passed the transit periods and things she said are happening and some havent yet.

Well I got the same emails.. I'm waitin for these dates she gave me she said began june 12 an will end sept. I think she manipulate ppl who is lookin for answers nto believin n sumthin an gettin ther hopes u cuz they believ n things like "psychics". If you didn't get the reading then you don't know what you are tking about everything she said about me is true and no one has eve been as ccurate about my character as her everyting she told me is coming true you cut her down without giving her a chance 60 dolars is cheap you losers I'm sure you spend more on beer she's more intelligent than any of you could ever be cry babies.

I also have had contacts with this 'woman' and she told me that she will be a friend. But curious as I was at that time I send her a letter. Than of course I had to pay for her reading.

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Since I'm not a rich man, I couldn't pay. After a certain time, the first was in April , she contact me back. But now I'm different since I've learned to use my 'sensitive intuition' and found out that it was fake. With the system that DR. Jose Silva has invented through an intensive research of 22 years since , we could have any profecy we want for the future by ourself. It's not worth it to have another person to interfere in your own privacy. Psychorientology will give us the way how to live and not the other way round. Lasmono Dyar,Cp.

Psy Lecturer Psychorientology for Indonesia since Useful blog website, keep me personally through searching it, I am seriously interested to find out another recommendation of it. She is a professional astrologer I think. I registered with Jenna and she was not in contact for a year. I received email from her then where she said she senced my problem and there she was explaining it to me making it all clear.

How is that for fraud? Maybe she really helps to people who really need her help. I think so. I m Renata ,jenna made a free reading and I did ot had creditcard so she sad that my transit is naw and if I can it will be inportant fore me to go to any astrology near my home. Jennna,,, the best and professional astrologer I ever connected with.. The only source of my happiness was my own effort I decided to opt for astrology, and I met this great woman!!

Trust me.. To start with my character analysis.. I found myself there On my career aspect.. I truly got the job she predicted to me.. My love life It was impossible.. He made me live true love and experience the real rhythm of it.. I am very happy now-days..!

I real wish to meet Jenna in person sometimes in the future She is true person given you pay her what she deserves without questioning.. Thanks to her,,, I got to know my future and everything happened as she predicted.. If you wish you can believe and try her.. Hi All, I subscribed to Jenna's reading just last week and as promised on the 3rd day she delivered my reading. I am yet to find if the transit dates are correct, but in my heart, I know that she means good. She gave a very accurate reading of my character.

She also sent along a free e-book about how to hone our intution and skills and that was absolutely unnecessary. We cannot expect everything in life for free. There is no harm in paying if you can afford it.

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With the advent of the internet, we love everything that comes free, so how do people make a living? If you go to an astrologer for a reading you also have to pay. If you are not in a position to pay, don't. But I think you guys should not 'hammer' her without knowing whether she is genuine or not. Tell you what, wait out a bit and I will let you know about the transit date predictions at a later time.

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She is very encouraging and gives you motivation. For those of you who believe in the 'Law of Attraction' then believe that good things will happen to all of us at some time or other. I be been signed up for dat stupid astro thing for more over than a year.. I think if u can afford it or curious enuf den u can consult her. First talk 2 her cosult her den only talk bout her i think Thank u.. The two things that Jenna said which were giant red flags for me were 1 the imminent transit- and it would appear that everyone has been advised of an imminent transit, and 2 the rediculously long and poorly worded email.

If there is a woman named Jenna who is a professional astrologer who earns her living doing online readings, she would dangle a brief, personal and true detail to prove her authenticity. Some part of us all responds to the idea that something is imminent. None of us would even ask for any kind of a reading if we were completely peaceful. Don't give Jenna your money. I imagine it would become an ongoing "need" and hole in the pocket. I have experienced the readings from Jenna. I am also one of those who does not believe in any psychic or astrologer like her but maybe or such an instance that you would be in a situation that you could go to no one but try of someone who can see what an ordinary person could not.

Her professional fee I guess is normal, she would not tell you to add more after you paid and after her readings. Like other people said, it is up to you if you believe on her or not but for some who have tried her, her readings include guidance and advises which is indeed a big help for people whom carrying a big burden on their shoulder. I've read lots of comments and now let me share with you my vision of the situation.

Having received Jenna's first letter I was greatly impressed and excited,'cause nearly everything was correct. But how it could be wrong if she writes about general things in astrology? But the thing is, writing one and the same things to everyone with small individual inclusions which are correct she manages to touch and impress nearly all the readers. I can't say about her astrological skills yet,but she. I'd like to continue. She perfectly knows all the tricks of phycology:to be warm,very personal,extremely friendly,flattering in a way thoug nothing bad in it Using this technique she makes you think u're special,unique,powerful,just simply the best.

She's really very convincing! She's so concerned with the clients and money judging by comment. So,If she's a really good one,wouldn't she need so many. The character profile was perfect. I followed her instructions totally accurate and met the love of my life - within the time she predicted. That was more important to me than anything else in my life. She changed my life from lonely singleton to part of a happy couple. I'm sorry she wasn't able to help everyone. I guess thats how they protect themselves from being prosecuted. I felt compelled to pay Jenna the 80 dollars for a reading simply because she knew the exact year of a tragic event in my life and a couple of other details about me in my intitial reading.

I am going through a huge change right now, so that could definitely be the "transit". I got into my savings account and transfered the 80 bucks. Then I got to thinking and googled her. The comments I have read have convinced me to keep the 80 bucks that I so desperately need to finance my move across the country and to take care of my children. The thought of paying her and not even recieving a reading, which some people have claimed happened to them, is the main reason I will opt out. I have faith that I will handle my transit period just fine on my own. Hey guys, i just had a debit order of 80usd to her but after i read all the reviews, i feel like opting out is there a way to do so?

Help please!! Hi i met Jenna by accident digging up online. She wrote me telling me i will have financial difficulties but i didn't believe her my boyfriend get stranded in another country for 6 weeks an yes she is right i am in financial difficulties an when he did returned home his mom died the next day. Jenna was right ppl but only God has d answer 4 us. I found jenna by accident. What she predicted was true and i was impressed. And yes she told me something happened to me when i was For my free reading I was told the following summarized : I possess the same capabilities as her and she wants to help me with them, she feels very close to me and can see i'm hesitating, my insights have led me to her website, something happend to me at the age of which has held me back since then, I am going to meet a very important person during the "transit" period 88 days but she needs me to sign up so she can tell me when and where, I will have financial success and she will tell me when and how that will occur, she felt my unusually strong intuition and a powerful energy and aura Word for word, she told me the same things.

After five emails, I have not sent money, I almost fell for it. Im sooo glad I didnt. Thanks everyone! Hi there, I'm sorry that you feel this way and I'm very upset to see all these complaints. Something has obviously gone wrong somewhere because my service is not a scam and I do respond to all of my clients. Please write to me at contactjenna aboutastro. All the best, Jenna.

Jenna is really a fraud and i beleived her and i realised that i was a fool to beleive her. Initially on emailing she sends a free horoscope which told everything true about my past. She wrote that my life is going to change in coming three months. I was in a delimma and full of of anxiety regarding my love life,so she wrote many things which raised hope in me. But nothing happened.

Whenever i talked to the to the person i love,i thought that jenna is right and i will get my love. But the result was totally opposite and the boy stopped talking to me. My hope has been shattered. Jenna also told me that i have some psychic powers. She wrote that i need someone for guidance always with me,actually this she wrote to lure me for making payment for becoming her customer.

Jenna also wrote that i am going to get a huge amount of money by game of chance and after a month i got a sms on my number that my number has won , pounds in some mobile contest,so i thought that jenna was right and thus i started building some hope for my love life also,Thinking that Jenna is right in predictions. But that contest organiser asked pounds from me for couriering the cheque instead and i searched on internet then i came to know that these contests are fake and fool the people to get money in name of courier.

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She also says that she has seen my past in something. She might have seen the past but after payment whatever she tells is really false,so do'nt get in her trap. I have got the same thing here, but I m not sure! So, just out of curiosity can we exchange an email of that reading we got from this site? It will b a great help. I understand why everyone is so sceptical about this but any astrological reading can be said to be fake its really all about whether or not that you chose to believe. Its a completely personal choice on whether that you feel she is worth the money that she is asking you for.

This is her livelihood you don't expect to go to the doctor and get it for free or a person that provides herbal medicine and get the medicine for free. Give her some credit for what she is doing. I would say nothing happens by chance. There is no such thing as an accident we all met Jenna because we yearned to know something angthing about ourselves I recieved Jeena's reading and I am a good person and i would like to belive that she was a good person too.

I'd love to read more but i dont have that kind of money. I believe in the robot readings and not in Jenna. The robot work free. Well i have read most of the mails and this is my view.

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Her initial reading of me was ok so i paid the 60 bucks for the full reading. I got that reading about two months back and belive me its been accurate. She mentioned foreign contacts and all of a sudden i found myself have contact with foreigners just like she said. How come most u complaining have not even paid but yet u think she is a fake. How did u know? Normally I would google for reviews but I trusted her face n felt a transition in my life n got a reading for Libra instead of Sagittarius!

Live n learn! Idk if I believe her with all of this here Im reading. I also feel that if something in my life is going to happen then it will not because she said so but because thats whats suppoes to happen for me. Im not going to question how real her talent is but, I for damn sure dont have money to waist and I let her know that I appreciate her and her time.

So I can't make my mind up about her. Very mixed reviews indeed. I have had an email saying that she will reduce the price. I didn't like that because it is one of the oldest selling tricks in the book! I want to believe her BUT if she does this on such a large scale how can it be accurate? I just got her email and I could not believe how true everything was that she said. The info she did give was better than others, but I still will not be paying for anything