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Mercury and Venus are in Scorpio and this brings clarity to the heart and mind. You can recognize what you are not doing that is keeping you from your deepest desires. This month until the Sun moves into Capricorn, its about fun, loving others, and becoming involved in learning and community.

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The Sun in Sagittarius will be in this sign until December 21st. This month is the time to look at your belief system, studying with others and seeking new adventures. When the Moon hits the Quarter Moon its a reminder to keep going. The Moon represents the past, the way you feel, and the memory of past lives. If you are in the process of doing work on your spiritual self, you can take this as a signal not to give up on your self.

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The best is yet to come. Selenite is a unique healing crystal.

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Some people use this crystal for it's healing properties and ability to recharge. This stone is often used to recharge other crystals. You can put it in little cloth with other crystals and set the stones in the moonlight over night to recharge. The name of this crystal, Selenite is associated with the goddess Selene. Chiron when direct this Sunday.

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Chiron went retrograde into Pisces last year in , and then back into Aries, and this year's energy is associated to self-healing, family healing, and finding your true calling. Mercury returns to Sagittarius this week and this brings forthrightness and honesty to a new level. Although this isn't the most comfortable spot for Mercury, it does enhance understanding in relationships, education, and subjects that require analysis.

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Take care of your heart and health this week. Stress is something that is positive but too much of it can be a negative. This week, strive for a more relaxing and stress free environment. Take time out, pace yourself.

Enjoy hearty meals that refuel your energy. Your protective crystal for this week is the labradorite. It's properties strengthen the bones, nerves and brain. With this stone, you can have communication improve. Life is cyclical. When something is lost you find a way to replace it with something new.

When you let go of one aspect of your life a new chapter begins. You may be dealing with the cycles of life and some may even be predictable. You may be cleaning out house, so to speak and it strengthens you to have what you want that gives you a sense of happiness. Your protective crystal for this week is the carnelian.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope from 3rd December - 10th December

It's believed that this stone has properties that can go through the skin of the wearer and strengthen the tissue. This stone connects you to your strongest version of self. You can deal with storms when you feel stronger from the inside out. Gemini, your rune for this week is Nyd. There is something unique taking place this week.

You will find yourself returned to a center that feels confident and powerful. A problem you have will resolve and one of your dreams will become true. Your protective crystal for this week is the tormalinated quartz and this brings balance to the body and mind. This stone helps cultivate emotional and mental clarity so you can focus on personal development. Cancer, your rune for this week is daeg. A new beginning is about to dawn.

You are ready to progress to a new level, so you'll want to be smarter and faster in what you learn. This rune says that optimism is possible and your environment will reflect your mindset.


Your protective crystal for this week is the Citrine. Fear is part of life but it doesn't have to be. The color of this stone helps to relief the spirit of fears and gives a sense of hope. This stone was used by the ancients to heal diabetes and to help reduce anger caused by fear. This rune is associated with wisdom and knowledge that comes from being connected to your higher power. They work best close to the ground or under it, leaving enough time for sports and physical activity, and benefit greatly from psychoanalysis and different methods of self-healing that ultimately lead to healing others.

Ilvaite is a good choice of crystal for a person born on the 10th of December, helping them reach the point of patience and understanding for Self and the flow of time that comes naturally. It is a stone of perseverance and grounding, one that centers them on who they truly are and where the core of their authentic personality is. Keeping them going when things get tough, this is an excellent stone to carry along in the time of crisis, but also at any given moment when change is needed and when acceptance of our place in the world is being questioned.

The birthday gift for someone born on December 10th might be a day spent with friends in an escape room, a large puzzle to investigate and resolve, or a day at a local paintball club. Take them to an underground club, to a past life therapist or a bioenergetics healer, and give them new knowledge on abstract issues that interest them but never seem to find a way into their hands. Deep, warm individuals, highly energetic and ready for changes, they are strong personalities who work well in times of crisis and understand others when no one else seems to be able to.

Dark beliefs color their world black, leaving them bruised and detached from contacts meant to inspire them. Feeling unloved, jealous or possessive, and like they have missed out on too much, they get destructive and hard to stay close to while pretending around others that everything in their life is peachy. Sagittarius - traits, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information. Sagittarius man - information and insights on the Sagittarius man. Sagittarius woman - information and insights on the Sagittarius woman.

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