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The outgoing Sagittarius is also far more independent than the Cancer person. However the good news here is that the Cancer person becomes more social and outgoing with this placement of the moon. You have the ability to inspire confidence in others which often makes you a great favorite with people.

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You are aware of people's faults and are sensitive to others who are insincere. Blessed with a strong sense of honor and loyalty you still play by many of your own rules. Though often contradictory with your sun sign you can be a free spirit with your own personal philosophy that works well for you. You are not shy about voicing your opinions. In love you look for someone who has a sense of adventure and passion for life. Though opposite on the Astrology wheel these two signs have a lot in common.

You are ambitious and have a strong sense of determination in life. The warmth of the Cancer personality can be chilled a bit by the coldness or distance of the Capricorn moon sign. You accept responsibility in life without complaint --in order to achieve your own ambitious and goals.

You are generally unassuming and always willing to do your fair share of what needs to be accomplished. This combination of sun and moon sign is an excellent blend for business ventures, as you have that warm emotional side and yet the stability and drive to accomplish what you wish. You can drive a hard bargain with a big smile. In love you are attracted to an independent personality but you also want someone who will dote on you.

You are blessed with great emotional depth with this combination of signs. With the Cancer zodiac sign and Aquarius moon sign you are generally very perceptive to the point of being psychic You are known for your agreeable and flexible personality, and it is easy for you to give in on most things. It is not that you are weak, but you evaluate what is really important in the scheme of things in life. Basically you are not a fighter and can stay perched on the fence for a long time. You can express yourself displaying a lack of confidence at times, but a good kick in the pants once in a while puts you back on track.

Known for your cautiousness you rarely take chances or risks. However, you can drive a hard bargain and can be a shrewd business person. Very careful and cautious in the realm of romance, you seek out people who build your confidence. With this combination of Cancer zodiac sign with Pisces your reputation for being kind and caring about people is well known. You generally think before you speak, as you are extremely sensitive and aware of other people's feelings.

You enjoy being around large groups of people and are more comfortable in this situation than you are on a one to one basis. Sometimes your critical nature comes out towards people, but you keep your opinion to yourself.

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You have pride and rarely express personal feelings to anyone but your very closest friends. Fortunately for you it is easy for you to make and keep a wide range of friends. Sometimes you take this quality you have for granted. People generally reach out and are attracted to that winning smile. In a love relationship you look for someone with great intelligence and good social skills. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I am a cancer myself. Love the hub!! I am a cancer and I like astrology. Its grear information for what sign is compatible. I was going to use Suzie Q as it was a pet name dad used to call me for years but another hubber goes under it. My mum's name was Helen as it is my middle name so hence Suzie HQ!! The ironic thing is i am not particularly found of Suzie but hey. Thank you SuzieHQ.. What does the H stand for???? Thanks for votes and sharing Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

This was fascinating, I love astrology and used to get tarot cards read often by a good friend who used to do readings. I found this so spot on it was spooky! Great hub! Thank you Jean: I wrote many columns, TV and radio many years ago. I must put my bio on these hubs.. I am going to write you a PM Thanks for dropping in and lovely comments.. Nice job. I have a Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon, and that's me.

He says I'm warmer than an Executive, but cooler than a Queen! Only words away from your Astrology words. It 's always fun to find another Astrologer, and you seem to have lots of experience.

Thanks so much for stopping by to read and comment. That was fun. I'm glad I stopped by and got to know you a little better. Nice looking hubs, will be back soon. Thank you for this info, voted up and useful. Cancers are some of the most wonderful people. This is very well organized and informative! Thank you for stopping for an astrological visit. Cancer people are remarkable and are often driven in their pursuits. Thanks again and it is nice to see you.

Well Carol! I am a cancer. I get alone best with Leo..

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Thank you so much for lovely compliment. Cancer people are great and often talented and excellent in business. Thanks for the votes!!!! You wrote this with the quality of a book, Carol! I'm a Cancer and always get negative assessments by people who just met me? How dare they? Who do they think they are, ha ha! Vote up and awesome. Your remarked that you "paint and copy others a lot" ,seemed odd so if I upset you again, didn't mean to--I thought you had probably heard of Lewi since you did similar astrology research.

I would never do that.. I think you are great And it went just fine.. Really, really Please come back again. I do think I did ruffle your feathers - it's ok to remove all my comments if you like I don't think it very went well,. Never took it that way at all. I never heard of him Hope I didn't sound that way. Sometimes when we write it doesn't come out perfect. I am really sorry..

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Thanks so much for coming by and commenting And I paint and copy others a lot. Carol, Sorry I didn't mean they were not your ideas - I really loved Grant Lewi's book and so I liked your article as well because the idea was in common. The concept does not belong to any particular astrologer ,of course, it does not "belong" to Lewi.

Sorry if I said anything awkward. I'm an artist and have been influenced by certain other artists, I guess that's why I asked. Astrologers I think often do the same, they interconnect or build on similar things. I hope you write more- I love astrology. I almost became an astrologer myself. And I have Venus and Mars in Cancer. I tend to make friends primarily with Cancers! Usually they are very nice people, they make great friends. It is all very interesting and I appreciate your stopping by.

Hi Carol, this is extremely nice, I never new my moon sign and now I'm proud to be an Aquarius moon sign with Cancer sun sign. What a delightful description you have for me, spot on. Actually not. I did charts for people and studied for years. These are kind of my own ideas that have built during the time. And I so believe in the moon sign concept.

Thanks for visiting.

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I am a huge fa of astrology and palmistry. I loved this article but more so the link given below, as I could find out my moon sign and nature yeah I am human and selfish too I liked this hub. Were you influenced by Grant Lewi's book that deals with the same subject? It's called "Heaven Knows What" and it's about the same thing, understanding people through a combination the the Sun and Moon signs. It covers Cancer Sun with all the various Moon signs too, of course. The idea of combining the two seems to be a good one. Thanks so much. Yes I am glad they lifted the band as I have many hubs to write.

Thanks for dropping by and votes of course. Always good to see you at my humble hub. Glad to see this one published, Carol. It is an interesting series you have started and one which makes for a very useful and interesting read. Thank you Christy. I always appreciate a visit from you.

Thanks for lovely comments also. What sign are you? Glad you are continuing with the astrology information here Carol. I have a friend who is a Cancer and she is true to profile as you say people under this time close up in times of struggle. Another informative read! Thank you for coming by to check on the signs. Always nice to have a visit from you. I like Cancer people as they are often very kind and giving.

My mother is born under this sign, and she is really the most loyal and caring person I've ever known.

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Thanks for sharing! Carol, nice to see they've let this one out of HP prison :. This is very informative, and I just happens to be a Cancer so very relevant for me, I've also checked my moon sign Good write, voting up. I love reading your very informative hubs! I have learned so much already on this fascinating subject. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

Hi Carol, I am glad you got this published.

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  • I am so glad you are continuing with this insightful series. I have always been interested in categories adding insight into someones characteristics. Thank you.. It is upsetting especially when you don't have a clue why. As always nice to have you visit. I always appreciate your kind remarks. Glimmer Twin Fan: Thanks for dropping by to read as bout your sign. Always nice to have you visit. Great, as usual Carol! I am really glad, this wasn't flagged. Thank you!

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