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The estimations for show an Internet budget of about 16 mil. The conclusion is that the advertisers are trying different products in order to establish the best way to reach their audience and make an impact. This can only mean a professional approach of the online communication campaigns in the near future.

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Technology Evol. MB FMCG advertisers grew their Internet spend, especially on personal care, drinks and food sectors. Top players in Internet sales The market is becoming more and more fragmented compared to the years when 3 big players were the Internet market. In , there were 12 Internet space vendors and the number is still expected to grow.

Realitatea Catavencu online sales house for 20 websites : inventory of 20 millions page views 5. Internet Corp online publisher with 17 websites : inventory of 60 millions. Rol Networks online publisher with 47 websites : inventory of 42 millions page views 9.

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Media Caf online broker for Yahoo! As it is showed in tables, the number of unique visitors for these sites is increasing. The on-line editions of the most important newspapers and magazines are founded in the most visited sites classification. The leader in this category is Gazeta Sporturilor, with , unique visitors in December. Most of them use to communicate by e-mail, to search games, movie and music and read newspapers and magazines. New ways of buying Cost per Click, Cost per Action are sought by advertisers in order to drive more performance and consumer interaction from their campaigns.

Permission marketing campaigns are extremely popular through special projects, newsletters, games etc. In the same time social network platforms hi5. Mirabilis Media, Sanoma Hearst already with a portfolio. Even at this moment, Romania Media Market is a market of traditional media, we can notice a fast growth of new media: internet, cinema and mobile advertising. More consumers are spending more and more time online and on-mobile, and the mobile phones offers a new opportunity to personalize advertising.

In Romania, mobile advertising is a small venture and is utilized by companies which already have created data bases with phone number of their own clients. These campaigns are mostly campaigns for gaining loyal customers more than selling. Advantages of this new type of advertising consist in a much more effective business to customer communication and the target group can be reachable all the time and anywhere.

Most of companies which offer business to business services use GSM networks for their marketing campaigns. Most of the campaigns use short messages addressed to users which already agreed to receive promotional messages on their mobile phone. These messages are related to promotions, new products and services, promotional contests for sales increasing. Companies which used these messages were from different domains: FMCG, banking, insurance and press. SMS advertising is the most useable advertising technique as most of the mobile phones are SMS compatible. This affirmation is not applicable to MMS advertising because even the request is very high, it does not exist yet the technical support.

New media, like any chaotic system, are highly sensitive to initial conditions. Today's heuristical answers of the moment become tomorrow's permanent institutions of both law and expectation.

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Presently, the development of mobile advertising is hindered by the lack of technical capabilities. We expect the two important GSM operators in Romania, Orange and Vodafone, to cater to this market trend by implementing specialized mobile platforms. Statistic data shows a rapid evolution of subscribers for such mobile services with WAP access. Globally, new technologies as WiMax and WiFi hotspots are very popular. As digital television will continue its development, the technical support for Mobile TV will be implemented.

At this moment Orange and Vodafone are able to offer television on mobile phone through their own portals, Orange World and Vodafone Live!

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Starting , Orange was the first GSM operator to offer video streaming to its clients and the possibility to watch, on their mobile phone, live television, and recorded TV shows, news, horoscope, music, shows. The Orange World portal, launched in , offers different types of services: chat services, sports, information news, horoscope, weather, TV guide and premium services games, ring tones, music and video.

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The interest of clients for mobile content is increasing. The main attractions are live TV, music, games, sports and mobile content generated by users. Sports fans can find out the latest news, result and charts from all national and international contests, and football fans can watch live on their mobile phone the games from League 1. Also, the clients can download a diversity of games, ring tones, songs and video clips with their preferred artists.

Despite the large number of mobile tools, the reach is still low thus unattractive to big advertisers. DTH is not just an alternative for the households which do not have access to TV cable. It is notable the decrease of the base of subscribers to cable services which influence positively the ascending trend for DTH penetration. Most of these Graph 4: Reception Type - Source: www. Romania is a Republic, according to the Constitution of , the president being elected by universal vote every five years for up to two mandates.

The two-chamber Parliament, the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, are the peoples supreme representative bodies and the only law-making authority. Both chambers hold equal and complementary responsibilities. The official language is Romanian. Bucharest Municipality is the political and administrative capital of Romania 1.

As for January 1 st. The average density is As shown below, the Romanian population is slowly decreasing by approximately 0. The predominant religion is Orthodox The Romanian population is fairly young, with Life expectancy has constantly increased over the last 5 years with approximately 0.

Compared to the unemployment rate of an average of In a worldwide ranking by unemployment rate, Romania ranks 50th. The forecasted unemployment rate for is 3. The valorization process of the national currency continued in , bringing the average annual exchange rate to approximately 3. The decrease in exchange rate, meaning appreciation of the national currency, was 5. In addition to the valorization of the national currency, the inflation rate in Romania has registered a continuous drop in the last seven years, reaching an estimated level of 6. A level of inflation of 5. This increasing trend is generated by the combination of three possible factors: the GDP increase, the increase in net primary income from abroad and the decrease in population size due to migrations.

Graph 8: Days required starting a business Source: The World Bank Conclusions Overall, Romania is a country in full process of macro economical development, while at the same time working on the de facto integration within the EU. It is expected that in Romania will continue the fight against corruption, work on increasing the living standards and decrease the poverty rate, attract more foreign investments and increase the quality level of products and services. Also, as an important aspect of the EU integration, Romania would have to get working on optimizing its fund absorption capabilities, in order to develop the infrastructure and encourage entrepreneurial and business initiatives.

They support fair competition, enforce good practice and ethics, implement and manage research tools as an industry standard and organize industry events and competitions such as festivals, seminars, training necessary for a highly professional industry. International Advertising Association IAA The International Advertising Association is a one- of-a-kind strategic partnership which champions the common interests of all the disciplines across the full spectrum of marketing communications - from advertisers to media companies to agencies to direct marketing firms - as well as individual practitioners.

The International Advertising Association has grown from a tripartite organization advertisers, agencies and media into a one-of-a-kind strategic partnership which champions the common interests of all enterprises involved in the branding process. The IAA has become a brand champion because all aspects of responsible commercial communications which contribute to a brand reputation need the freedom to flourish without unwarranted restrictions. Now, the IAA draws its members on a local, regional or global scale from enterprises and individuals that are committed to brand building, and value commercial communications as vital to the success of their business.

The IAA works for the freedom of companies to compete through responsible commercial speech, and it fights for consumer choice made possible by commercial speech which informs, inspires and empowers individuals to raise their sights and reach for the life they want. IAA Romania was founded in to serve the interests of the advertising industry in Romania. Its role is to promote in Romania the international advertising standards and, in order to do this the Association has achieved, in the thirteen years since its creation, a series of significant actions.

As a trilateral forum, IAA provides an exchange of opinions between members. On behalf of its members, the IAA is dedicated to: championing the freedom to advertise responsibly without unwarranted restrictions in the overall market, or by specific product category; fighting for consumers freedom to exercise their right to choose in a free market society; continuously developing and implementing programs designed to raise standards through leading edge professional develo- pment for the marketing communications community of the future.

An international network of the marketing communications managers, who can connect with each other for contacts, references. Publications on critical problems. Professional development. Congresses, symposiums and conferences. The IAA Global Advertising Congress is an Associations biennial summit meeting that won the reputation of the worlds greatest communication and marketing managers meeting. EFFIE is an annual award presented to recognize the years most effective advertising campaigns campaigns that have delivered superior results in meeting the objectives they were designed to achieve.

The event put together numerous international speakers, well known and respected personalities in marketing and communication world community. Talks about OOH is an event for all outdoor and indoor players on the market, media agencies, advertisement personalities, advertisers, as well all interested in last trends in this domain which want to debate the future of OOH in Romania.

IAA was partner of the Communication Olympics project, the first series of practical competitions for those students who want a public relations or advertising career. The proposed amendments have been presented to all IAA members, for their input. The IAA representatives worked close together different advertising norms, such as: product with CNA on putting placement in reality shows, the ban of medical endorsements in TV commercials, rules for advertising and teleshopping, advertising for medicines and advertising for tobacco and beverages.

The IAA Board issues a regular newsletter for the members. BRAT has members among the major actors in the advertising industry e. Beside circulation data, BRAT is able to provide additional data such as press audience studies, outdoor and Internet studies etc. Currently BRAT has members: press publishers, 26 advertising agencies, 5 sales house, 10 advertisers and 26 web publishers. Circulation Audit The Audit Certificates include detailed information, on calendar months, regarding the printed copies, the sold copies, the copies given away for free, the copies sold through barter and the copies returned for each audited publication.

Starting on the first semester of , the publications for which the Audit Certificates had been issued submit a quarterly Circulation Declaration upon own responsibility and under BRAT's authority. The Circulation Declaration includes the most recent circulation figures, the editors being granted the opportunity to update such declarations monthly.

Then the figures are certified by audit during the next audit period. Through the Declaration, the circulation figure may be made public before the audit and used in negotiating the advertising contracts. The use of the Circulation Declaration offers a significant competitive advantage to the publications already having an Audit Certificate by using, under the BRAT authority, the circulation figures months in advance.

Based on the Circulation Declaration, the advertising agencies and the advertisers can build advertising strategies and allocate budgets using real circulation figures. The Circulation Declaration is recognized internationally as an instrument through which the publications current circulation figure can be made public and exploited, being guaranteed that such figures are monitored and will be audited for confirmation shortly. The method used for calculating the audience data is the Recent Reading Method. The main indicator is A. SNA includes titles in total: 82 monthlies, 19 bimonthlies, 48 weeklies, 69 dailies and 11 supplements.

The SNA questionnaire includes questions regarding primary media press , secondary media TV, radio, cinema, Internet, outdoor , general media consumption, purchase behavior, buying decisions, socio-demographic data etc. The products and services consumption measurement is based on methods valid at international level, which ensures information credibility, standardization, comparability and independence. Combining circulation data, audience data and detailed readers profile, BRAT provides a comprehensive description for any print title making the planning job easier and more accurate.

The survey includes more than product categories and delivers results for around 3. Future projects Internet Audit Department The Internet advertising market evolved rapidly since a couple of years ago. Although the Internet investment in Romania is marginal compared to other media, the annual growth rate is stunning. Given the ascending trend of Internet, an independent measurement becomes necessary. In BRAT will provide for the first time the results regarding the audience of the websites and the socio-demographic profile of their users.

The contract was signed after a public tender monitored by a Parity Commission 5 CNA members, 5 representatives of advertising agencies and 5 representatives of TV stations as stated in the Law no. The audit took place between 14th of November and 18th of February The audit concerned the construction of the panel, data production and reporting. Media, Brand Connection. In December , ARMA General Assembly decided to modify the Statute in order to create a new category of members, respective associate members legal entities.

In this category of members are included all the legal entities which are not advertising or media agencies, TV stations or advertisers and which are interested in getting the SNMATV data. R, Mediaedgecia. SAR is established for four years - There are two surveys per year spring and autumn with 11, interviews each. Organizing advertising festivals and contests Ad'Or, Effie Awards , seminars, training sessions and workshops for the employees in the industry are just a few of its initiatives.

The association aims to build a communication platform for the member agencies that are selected on the basis of financial and service-providing performance. RAAA's main objectives are to formulate rules and regulations governing the activity of agencies and to help members improve their performance through: Exchanging ideas and projects that can lead to improved results for member agencies. Promoting the values of advertising effectiveness. Playing an important role as guarantor for the interests of the advertising business in planned or contemplated legislation within the area of interest to the advertising business.

Seeking ways of harmonizing procedures, systems, contract and other international issues to ease business between EU members and with other countries. Supporting the principal of self-regulation wherever possible. Developing international educational opportunities. Setting up task forces to investigate these and other specific projects and concepts of mutual benefit to agencies, in particular in emerging free economies.

Maintaining an open forum to discuss further ideas and projects that may be of benefit. In November 11, RAAA voted to expand the Board of Directors from 4 to 7 members the decision was taken due to the growth of the association and in order to insure better representation. It aims to develop the advertising sector in Romania, to create and develop, within the legal framework, ethical self- regulatory governance in advertising in the spirit of fair competition, to ensure consumers protection and general public interest against negative effects of advertising.

The legal provisions regarding the taxes borne by the companies commissioning advertising campaigns for tobacco products, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages stipulated by Government Ordinance no. This contribution represents an income to the Public Health Ministers budget. The Cinema Tax is settled by Government Ordinance no. According to article 13 of Government Ordinance no. The cinema tax is due either by the advertising agent, the intermediary company that buys the advertising minutes or the economical operator that acquires the advertising minutes.

The advertising agent, the intermediary company or the economical operator are obligated to provide the National Centre of Cinematography with a list of all the agreements concluded, including their price and the name of the selling agents. The Local Advertising Tax is settled by the Fiscal Code, valid starting 1st of January , with several modifications and completions. Chapter 6 - The tax for using advertising and publicity vehicles and material Art.

Romanian legal framework on advertising Law no.

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  4. Laws purpose is to protect the consumers from the negative consequences of misleading and comparative advertising. Law defines misleading advertising as any advertising that, in any way, including its presentation, misleads or may mislead a person whom it targets or who comes into contact with the advertising and may affect his economic behaviour, harming his interest as a consumer, or that may harm a competitors interests.

    Comparative advertising is prohibited only if at least one of the following conditions is accomplished: a. The breach of this interdiction is considered contravention and it is sanctioned with a fine from RON - RON 1, According to art. In addition, any form of advertising of tobacco and alcoholic products in public education institutes and in health institutes or at a distance less than meters from the entrance thereof, measured on the public road is prohibited.

    Advertising of tobacco and alcoholic products is interdicted in publications mainly addressed to minors and in theatres before and during shows targeted to minors. Advertising of tobacco and alcoholic products is also prohibited if: a. Law no. Advertising must observe the following general terms: a. Advertising may not cause any moral, physical or intellectual damage to minors and must observe the following special terms: a.

    Advertising for alcoholic beverages must observe the following terms: a. National Audiovisual Councils Decision no. Decision no. On the 14th of April , Decision no. At present, the advertising activities are regulated by the above mentioned Regulation Code of the Audiovisual Content, which has been modified by the NAC Decision no.

    Between 6. Chapter 2 - Advertising and teleshopping Section 1 General provisions Art. Advertising and teleshopping shall serve the interest of the public, by observing the rules of fair information and competition. Any form of promotion of products or services, which suggest or incite the public to renounce similar products or services, motivating that the latest become useless or inadequate, is prohibited.

    Note: Article par. Comparative advertising is possible only by observing the provisions of Advertising Law no. The duration of advertising and teleshopping does not constitute a reason for justifying the circumventing of the obligations to inform correctly the public on the promoted goods or services. Advertising or teleshopping related to a special offer shall indicate, clearly and non-equivocally, the date when the offer ceases or, if case be, the fact that the special offer is limited to the available services or stock of goods.

    If the special offer is not yet started, the starting date of the period during which the special price or other specific conditions are applied shall be indicated clearly and non- equivocally. During football games, the broadcasters may broadcast advertising mini-spots while observing the following conditions: a the mini-spots duration shall not surpass 10 seconds; b maximum two mini-spots per each half of the game; www.

    During sports competitions, the broadcasters may transmit advertising logos while observing the following conditions: a the logo shall be inserted only during announcements on the replacement of a player or on the score; b the insertion duration shall not surpass 10 seconds, and the total broadcast duration shall not surpass 2 minutes of the whole transmission; c the logo shall be placed above or under the area where the information specified in letter a is broadcast and shall not exceed the dimensions of this area.

    Within television programme services, isolated advertising spots shall be broadcast only when the pauses available for inserting spots between the fragments of a program, such as the breaks between the rounds of a box or tennis match, are very short. The isolated advertising spot shall observe the following conditions: a the spot duration shall not surpass 30 seconds; b during the whole duration of its broadcast it shall be accompanied by a visible warning sign consisting of a capital letter P in a transparent circle, placed in the lower right part of the screen.

    Abrogated Art. In case of live transmissions, the advertising shall not affect the integrity of the respective programmes.

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    Products and services placement is allowed in audiovisual programmes only during films and series, by observing the following conditions: a it should naturally fit into the audiovisual production; b overdue visibility shall not be given to the product or the service, such as the mentioning of the trade mark of a product or its presentation in close-up or from an angle that allows full view of the trade mark.

    Section 2 Advertisement for alcohol Art. For the purpose of the present Code, the distilled alcoholic drinks are those defined by the Order no. The broadcast of advertisement for alcoholic drinks that promote violent, aggressive or antisocial behaviour or attitudes is prohibited. The broadcast of advertising spots for alcoholic drinks featuring minors is prohibited. It is prohibited to broadcast promotional announce- ments or competitions that include references to the name or trademark of a distilled alcoholic beverage; within competitions it is prohibited to offer prizes sponsored by companies producing such beverages.

    The broadcast of sports transmissions sponsored by alcoholic beverages producers may be broadcast only between Sports events taking place on the territory of Romania which do not respect the provisions of the Law no. In advertising spots for alcoholic beverages the use of characters, scenery or situations from the broadcast programmes is forbidden. The advertising packages that promote products of distilled alcohol shall end with the audio and visual warning Excessive consumption of alcohol seriously damages health.

    Section 3 Advertising for foods Art. Advertising for food shall observe the following requirements: a it shall not encourage excessive consum- ption of food; b precise affirmations regarding nutrition for instance, the effects of vitamin C or health for instance it promotes healthy digestion shall rely on solid scientific facts and shall not create deceptive ideas regarding nutrition or healthy benefits of the food. Section 4 Advertising for medicinal products Art. Any form of promotion, within the broadcasting services, intended to stimulate the distribution, consumption or sale of medicinal products and medical treatments shall be considered audiovisual advertising for medicinal products and medical treatments.

    Advertising and teleshopping of medicinal products containing psychotropic or narcotic substances, within the meaning of the international conventions, are prohibited. Advertising of medicinal products shall encourage the rational use of the medicinal products, by presenting them objectively, without exaggerating their therapeutically properties. Read the prospect carefully. Advertising and teleshopping for homeopathic medicinal products and treatments are permitted only for those products and treatments certified by the Ministry of Health or by the Romanian Medical Practitioners College.

    The broadcast of programmes or teleshopping presenting cases of cure of serious illnesses by using conventional or unconventional treatments, in case the medical diagnosis and its attesting documents are not certified by the Romanian Medical Practitioners College or if no representative of this body is present in the programme or teleshopping, to medically certify the results, is prohibited.

    Audiovisual programmes, advertising and teleshopping dedicated to weight loss and control products and treatments without therapeutic indications shall observe the following requirements: a there is trustworthy scientific evidence for any statement on the benefice effects of the products or treatments; b where specific amounts of weight are claimed to have been lost by individuals the period over which the loss was achieved must be stated; www.

    Section 5 Political Advertising and Advertising regarding the practicing of certain professions Art. Section 6 Teleshopping programmes Art. The provisions of art. Details of these regulations can be consulted on www. Its role, established by law, is to protect the public interest in the field of audio-visual communication, under the conditions provided by Audiovisual Law no.

    The National Audio-Visual Council NAC is the only regulatory authority in the field of audio-visual program services in the terms of and by observing the provisions of Audiovisual Law. The Council has the following competences: to establish the conditions, procedure and criteria for the granting of audio-visual licenses; to establish the procedure for the granting of the retransmission authorisation; to issue audio-visual licenses and retransmission authorisations for the operating of radio and TV programme services and to issue the audio-visual authorisation decisions; to issue regulatory normative decisions, in order to accomplish its attributions; to draw up instructions and issue recommendations for the development of the activities in the field of audio-visual communication.

    The Council is authorised to request and receive from radio-broadcasters and distributors of audio- visual programme services any necessary data, information and documents in order to accomplish its attributions, having the obligation to keep the confidentiality of the data that are not of public nature. The Council issues decisions, instructions and recommendations in the presence of at least 8 members and with the vote of at least 6 members, in order to fulfil its functions and attributions.

    The Councils decisions with a regulatory character, including their motivation, shall be published in the Official Journal of Romania, Part I. The other decisions, including their motivation, as well as the instructions and the recommendations issued by the Council shall be made public. Decisions with individual character are communicated to the interested parties and come into force on the date of their communication, if not otherwise foreseen.

    The Members of the Council The Council is made up of 11 members. The current members of the National Audiovisual Council are: Rasvan Popescu - president of NAC, appointed by the Chambers of Deputies in , member of NAC since ; Ioan Carmazan appointed in after Valeriu Nicolaus resignation; Constantin Dutu - appointed by the Chambers of Deputies for the period; Dan Grigore - appointed by the Government for the - period; Ioan Onisei - appointed by the Chambers of Deputies for the - period; Szasz Attila appointed for period; Radu Teodorel - appointed by the Government for the - period; Gelu Marian Trandafir appointed by the Presidency for the - period; Cristina Trepcea - appointed by the Government for the period; Emanuel Valeriu - appointed by the Presidency for the period; Grigore Zanc - appointed by Senate for the period.

    It is the leading media management agency in the Republic of Moldova. Advertising budgets had continued to increase in all major media, especially on TV and in outdoor. Many regional TV and radio stations obtained licenses in order to widen their broadcasting in new regions of the country. From January the sales house Video International began to sell its channels by GRP price-list, alongside minutes price-list.

    Several new major advertisers entered the market. Ad-spend by medium Top Categories, Advertisers Mobile Telecommunication increased their advertising activity and bypassed shops in Category chart in Detergents had grown significantly over the last year.

    Banks and Financial Operations products increased their activity as well. The list of TV top advertisers remained almost the same over the last several years. Media Research Even if media research is an important and integral part of media market, unfortunately reliable and complex audience measurement in Moldova had been established only for television.

    The radio, press and outdoor measurement is either incomplete or under elaboration. Consumption and lifestyle research TNS Moldova part of the TNS Ukraine measures a comprehensive range of consumer characteristics target persons between y. The software package - Galileo - gives the opportunity to build different kind of data tables, containing useful consumer information.

    TV still gives the highest feedback on the advertisers investment. Being a low-cost and accessible entertainment for the majority of the population, TV delivers the highest reach at national level. The increase of net TV ad-spend in vs. The first TV sales house Video International Moldova appeared at the end of stopped its activity in November At the same time has appeared the new big sales house Casa Media. It is expected that in some other channels will join the sales house.

    The Moldavian TV market includes: National stations: 1. ORT-Moldova 2. Moldova 1 3. STS 2. NIT 3. Pro TV 4. Muz TV 5. NTV Cable stations: 1. Ren TV 2. TNT 4. TVC 21 5. The regional stations are on air in all major cities of the country and in some rural areas. At the same time the cable stations are only broadcasted in the capital and big cities, but only via cable. Audience share TV viewing share differs a lot comparing to the stations penetration.

    ORT-Moldova retains the leading position in terms of audience. This was the reason of frequent clutters, especially in the fourth quarter of the year. Even new more expensive rate cards didnt stop advertisers from October-December clutter. Mobile TV Only one mobile operator Orange offers 6 TV channels with news, sports, films and video-clips which can be downloaded directly to a mobile phone via "TV on a mobile phone" service. Movies, entertainment shows, soap operas, TV games, comedy shows, sports and others are the highlight of this stations schedule.

    In addition to that, the Moldavian broadcasting company inserts local programs in Romanian and Russian. Advertising policy: the local advertising breaks completely replace the Russian ones. The station has local inserts. ORT - Moldova target is mass-viewers, predo- minantly middle-aged y. The most popular programs are News broadcasts and and evening movies. It is the second republican tv network.

    Advertising policy: the local advertising breaks completely replace the Romanian ones.

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    Advertising policy: the local advertising breaks did not completely replace the Russian ones. The station target is dominating by the young and middle-aged people. Movies, entertainment shows, soap operas, sitcoms, TV games, comedy shows are the highlight of this station schedule. In the afternoon and in the evening entertainment shows and movies are shown with subtitles in Moldavian language. In addition to that, the Moldavian broadcasting company inserts local programs. The station target young and middle-aged people 14 - 44 y.

    Graph 5: Advertising clutter evolution per month no. The station target is dominating by people y. Station profile for Moldova middle-aged and older people y.

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    In special cuplurile proaspat casatorite sunt cele care nu reusesc sa gaseasca o cale de mijloc intre libertatea si puterea oferite de bani si siguranta si confortul pe care acestia ii pot asigura. Cu alte cuvinte, de obicei unul dintre parteneri continua sa cheltuiasca de parca ar fi necasatorit, in timp ce celalat vrea sa faca economii si investitii care sa le asigure un viitor confortabil, mijloace de a-si creste viitorii copii, o batranete linistita. Sugestie : Panificati-va veniturile impreuna.

    Stabiliti care sunt telurile voastre ca si cuplu casa, copii, plan de pensii, vacante si evaluati-le si actualizati-le periodic. Apoi stabiliti un procent din salariu pe care fiecare dintre voi sa si-l depuna intr-un cont personal, din care sa-si satisfaca micile placeri individuale, fara a se simti vinovat si fara a fi luat la intrebari de partener.

    Conform unui studiu, un sot adauga programului saptamanal al unei femei 7 ore de munca in plus in gospodarie. Problemele apar cand aceste 7 ore cad aproape numai pe umerii femeii. Sotia se simte neapreciata si frustrata cand sotul nu participa cu nimic la curatenie, spalatul vaselor, la facut ordine, la spalat rufe. Barbatii tind sa imite modelul de sot pe care l-au avut sub ochi in copilarie.

    Daca au fost crescuti intr-o familie de moda veche, unde tatal nu ridica un deget in casa, atunci si ei se limiteaza la a duce gunoiul cand le spune nevasta si la batutul covoarelor de doua ori pe an si considera ca si-au facut partea de treaba. Sugestie : Explica-i sotului cat de important e pentru tine sa participe si el la treburile gospodaresti si cum te simti cand nu o face. Si, ca sa indulcesti pastila, spune-i ca studiile au aratat ca atunci cand sotul contribuie semnificativ la muncile casnice, viata sexuala a cuplului e si ea semnificativ imbunatatita. S-ar putea sa constati ca nu-i mai poti lua aspiratorul din mana.

    Sugestie : E cazul sa priviti realitatea in fata si sa acceptati faptul ca viata libera si lipsita de griji dinaintea aparitiei copilului s-a dus si nu se mai intoarce. Iesirile in oras spontane si plecarile in mini-vacante decise intr-o clipa sunt de domeniul trecutului si vor ramane asa cel putn 14 ani.

    Amandoi trebuie sa va asumati si sa va impartiti responsabilitatea de a hrani, spala, adormi si schimba copilul, nu unul sa faca aceste treburi, iar celalat doar sa se joace pe covor cu cel mic. Telekom Angebote Ohne Vertrag. Faka'eke'eke makehe 'o e 'eiki palemia fekau'aki mo e faito'o konatapu 'i tonga ni Iongi brothers - sei o fafine with lyrics. Oute Malosi Pea. Prizerebel Random Account Review. CNLR S. A isi declina orice raspundere in legatura cu orice prejudiciu reflectat din modul de interpretare si aplicare de catre terte persoane a actelor normative, mentionate aici doar cu scop informativ.