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Gemini is appropriately symbolised by the twins, this way they have double the man power for juggling their sheer number of commitments. Think of them as having enough thoughts and chatter for two in their hyperactive minds. Gemini belongs to the air sign trio, and like air they never stop moving. Breezing through a vast range of interests making them dynamic and impulsive.

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Networker Gemini is untouchable when it comes to working the room, Gemini can blend their colours to match the company they keep. Fun and flighty Gemini win many admirers with their quick wit and charm. Trying to catch these social butterflies is not easy as their partner criteria goal posts are ever changing.

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What was Judy Garland's astrological sign?

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This square hints at a lifelong battle with authority figures and it also weakens health unless positively supported elsewhere in the chart it isn't. But there is a separating unconscious square between Mercury thinking processes; communications and limiting Saturn which gave Garland a tendency to become mired within certain thinking habits obsessive and to not hear others clearly or to misinterpret what others say.

A depressive mindset of 'the worrier' is suggested but with no organic hearing issue shown which would have been difficult if not impossible for a singer to sing on-key. So here she is in the romantic-swashbuckler film The Pirate with Gene Kelly performing--what else?

http://clublavoute.ca/pomex-gay-dating.php Now in her films, Garland didn't tend to be cast as a major femme fatale yet fame was almost assured for as you notice, her Mercury 00Cancer , Saturn 00Libra , and Moon 29Sagconjunct 00Capricorn --are Cardinal World Points of Fortune, Fame, and Recognition on the global stage. Add lots of talent and you have Judy Garland! Please note that this brief tribute post is not focused on drug use but you may wish to see Old Hollywood forced its first stars to work long hours and take amphetamines in exchange for fame which is pretty much summed up by Garland's difficult T-Square between her Moon emotions, reigning needs but also publicity , Saturn self-control, sense of inner authority, restriction , and her retrograde Mercury, the 'tofu planet' that soaks up the energies of whatever planet or planets it touches.

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